BAE Systems has acquired UK-based Malloy Aeronautics for an undisclosed fee and will incorporate the heavy-lift unmanned air vehicle (UAV) developer within its growing FalconWorks innovation unit.

Malloy develops and builds all-electric UAVs for civil and military applications, with its quadcopter platforms capable of lifting payloads of 68-300kg (150-660lb) over short to medium ranges.

T-650-c-BAE Systems

Source: BAE Systems

T-650 platform has been jointly developed by BAE Systems and Malloy

BAE says the acquisition will allow the companies to “further develop Malloy’s existing portfolio and accelerate new and novel technologies to customers worldwide”.

Oriol Badia, chief operating officer of Malloy Aeronautics, says: “We’ve come a long way over the last 10 years, turning our vision of sustainable electric heavy-lift technology into reality, thanks to the dedication and efforts of our team.

“This new step in our journey with BAE Systems will allow us to combine the strengths and vision of a young company with the reach and support of an experienced one, ultimately giving our customers the ability to scale their demands and allow us to deliver innovative new products – including the T-650 – at pace.”

T-600 Sting Ray-c-BAE Systems

Source: BAE Systems

Demonstration last year saw Sting Ray torpedo deployed from T-600 UAV

The pair have been working together since 2021, collaborating last year to showcase the feasibility of carrying and deploying a Sting Ray torpedo from Malloy’s T-600 demonstrator during a NATO exercise in Portugal.

In addition, engineers from both firms have been jointly developing the T-650, a new UAV capable of carrying a 300kg payload over distances of around 16nm (30km).

Malloy’s workforce of around 80 people will continue to operate from its facility in Berkshire in southern England.

Abbreviated accounts for the year to 31 March 2023 show Malloy had total net assets of £7.3 million ($9.3 million), although no profit or loss figures were disclosed in the financial statements.