Lockheed Martin has delivered its first single-seat Block 70-model F-16 to Bahrain, with the transfer announced in late July.

Video footage of the fighter’s first flight released by Lockheed shows the aircraft – serial number EA1 – with Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF) markings and the tail number 1601. However, these details were removed in still images issued by the company.

RBAF F-16 Block 70 video grab

Source: Lockheed Martin

Video grab showing Bahrain’s first single-seat F-16 Block 70 with service markings

“This jet represents our continued commitment to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver next-generation capabilities to ensure those we serve stay ahead of ready,” says OJ Sanchez, vice-president of the airframer’s Integrated Fighter Group.

Lockheed builds the Block 70/72-model F-16 at its Greenville site in South Carolina. It delivered a first two-seat example to the RBAF in February 2023, with this now supporting training activities in the USA.

RBAF F-16 Block 17 landing chute

Source: Lockheed Martin

RBAF fighter completed its debut flight at Lockheed’s Greenville site in South Carolina

Bahrain is in the process of acquiring 16 of the aircraft, which will add to its in-service fleet of 21 older F-16C/Ds.