Boeing has secured a $2.3 billion contract covering 15 additional KC-46A tankers under a Lot 10 contract award.

The US Department of Defense contract brings the total number of KC-46As on contract globally to 153 examples, says Boeing.

KC-46 at Dubai air show 2023

Source: Greg Waldron/FlightGlobal

The KC-46A at the 2023 Dubai air show. The US Air Force has taken 79 examples

“We appreciate our partnership with the US Air Force [USAF], which allows for the expansion of the capacity and capability of the KC-46A fleet,” says Lynn Fox, vice-president and KC-46 programme manager.

“We understand the advantages that KC-46 capabilities give the warfighters, and in the current global environment, we continue to focus our investments on evolving the aircraft for the changing needs of the mission.”

Overall, the USAF has taken 76 KC-46As out of a total commitment for 179.

Boeing recently promoted the 767-derivative at the Dubai air show, with Boeing business development executive Sean Martin stating that the company is seeing significant interest in the tanker in the Middle East.

Martin also indicated that progress is being made with deficiencies identified in the aircraft, including with the remote vision system that supports tanking operations.

Boeing has also received a separate $9.3 million dollar contract related to post-production support for Saudi Arabia’s fleet of AH-6i light attack helicopters.

Cirium fleets data indicates that Saudi Arabia operates 23 AH-6is.