Boeing Defence Australia has named Amy List as its new managing director, succeeding Scott Carpendale.

List’s LinkedIn profile shows that she has worked with Boeing since 2018 in several roles, with a focus on sustainment. Prior to this she worked with Raytheon Australia as well as with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in positions related to sustainment and contracting.

Amy List-MD-BDA-1mb

Source: Boeing Defence Australia

Amy List held roles with Raytheon and the RAAF before joining Boeing in 2018

“Amy has more than 20 years of military and defence industry experience, including engineering and operational service in the Royal Australian Air Force,” says Carpendale, vice-president of Boeing Government Services – APAC Region.

“This includes four years leading our sustainment operations portfolio which delivers key products and services such as AH-64E Apache, CH-47F Chinook, Helicopter Aircrew Training System, F/A-18F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler to our customers.”

Carpendale, for his part, will now focus on Boeing’s Asia-Pacific portfolio.

In addition to supporting several Boeing platforms in service with the Australian military, Boeing Defence Australia has also developed the MQ-28A Ghost Bat unmanned air vehicle in conjunction with the RAAF.

The MQ-28A is the first combat aircraft designed and developed in Australia since the Second World War.

Canberra recently announced that it would fund three additional Block 2 MQ-28As, putting an additional A$399 million ($259 million) toward the programme.

The announcement followed news in January that Boeing, which has at least one MQ-28A in the USA, was one of the companies selected for the US Air Force’s Collaborative Combat Aircraft programme.

In an email to FlightGlobal, Australia’s Department of Defence says that eight MQ-28As have been manufactured to date.