Brazil plans to acquire 12 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk utility helicopters via a potentially $950 million Foreign Military Sales deal with the USA.

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) detailed the prospective order on 24 May, following the receipt of approval from the US Department of State.

A purchase would cover an “initial acquisition of $450 million in major defence equipment, and up to $500 million in other equipment and services”, the DSCA says.

In addition to the dozen rotorcraft, Brazil’s request also includes 10 spare GE Aerospace T700-701D engines, along with communications equipment, spare parts and support. Its aircraft also would receive M-134D-H miniguns, external rescue hoists and the Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System.


Source: US Army

Brazil could acquire a dozen UH-60Ms via proposed deal

The DSCA says the proposed sale “will increase Brazil’s capability to provide troop transport, border security, medical evacuation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, search and rescue, and peacekeeping support”. Additionally, the deal would “promote the US and Brazil’s goal of greater military interoperability”, it says.

Brazil’s armed forces already operate a combined 26 of the Sikorsky type, with its air force flying 16 UH-60Ls, the navy six S-70B Seahawks, and the army four S-70Bs. The DSCA has not indicated which service/s would field the requested UH-60Ms.