Elbit Systems has secured a $76 million contract to supply an Asia-Pacific air force with an electronic warfare (EW) training capability.

The system will allow the unnamed air force’s aircrew to undertake airborne training in a “real-life, multi threat EW arena”, says the company.

F-16 sunset

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Lockheed Martin F-16 is a common type in the Asia-Pacific

The system incorporates transmitters, sensors, communications, command and control, as well as analytical and debriefing tools.

“EW readiness has become critical to mission effectiveness and survivability, driving increasing demand for EW training capabilities beyond the existing synthetic ones,” says Oren Sabar, general manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR and EW.

“By integrating our advanced EW technologies and the company’s unique training and simulation capabilities we can supply a solution that improves readiness and reduces costs.”

The announcement is the most recent in a series of Elbit contracts in the Asia-Pacific this year. In July, the company announced two deals for Asia-Pacific customers.

One was an $80 million contract to provide aircraft defensive aids, the other a $220 million contract to supply precision bomb kits.