Elbit Systems is making available for export a training simulator that allows pilots to prepare for electronic warfare (EW) threats.

Housed in a mobile container fitted with a plethora of transmitters, sensors, monitors and communications technology, the Aircrew Mobile Simulation and Training Field lets aircrews “conduct airborne training in a real-life, multi-threat EW arena”, says the Israeli company.

Sessions are recorded for debriefing and analysis, and several units can be brought together to conduct squadron or fleet training missions, adds Elbit.

Because the system is transportable, training can be carried out in the field and in more authentic environments, and is cheaper and more efficient than bringing crew to a central location, the company maintains.

“As EW readiness becomes paramount to mission success and survivability, air forces increasingly seek efficient EW training capabilities beyond the synethetic,” says Edgar Maimon, executive vice-president of EW at Elbit’s Elisra division.

AMSTF EW trainer1.docx

Source: Elbit Systems

Elbit’s EW training simulator