Elbit Systems is to supply an undisclosed European customer with “several hundred” examples of its SkyStriker loitering munition, under a contract valued at $95 million.

Announcing the deal on 18 September, Elbit said work under the award will be completed within “a period of two years”.

The Israeli company describes the fully autonomous weapon as being able to “locate, acquire and engage operator-designated targets with a warhead of up to 10kg [22lb]”.

Powered by an electric engine, the SkyStriker has an operating endurance of up to 2h, and a maximum range of 54nm (100km). It can be launched from a host aircraft, or via a ground vehicle.

“As a covert and agile platform, the SkyStriker delivers high performance precision and reliability, providing a mission critical advantage to warfighters on the modern battlefield,” says Yoram Shmuely, general manager of Elbit Systems Aerospace.

Separately, Elbit on 12 September announced that it is to produce its Skylark 1 electric-powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle for the Israeli Defense Force’s Artillery Corps.

With a maximum operating weight of 20kg, the VTOL model offers “the endurance and range of a fixed-wing STUAS [short take-off unmanned air system] with the capability to hover, [and] take-off and land vertically”, Elbit says.

The company will supply the new model as a successor for the operators’ current earlier Skylark air vehicles.