Israel’s new Oron intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft is advancing towards service introduction, following the recent completion of systems integration work.

“In a recent ceremony, the Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D [Directorate of Defense Research & Development] and Israel Aerospace Industries [IAI] celebrated the successful integration of intelligence systems into the cutting-edge Oron aircraft,” the defence ministry says in a Facebook post.

Oron surveillance aircraft

Source: Israel Ministry of Defense via Facebook

New multi-surveillance asset is major redevelopment of Gulfstream’s G550 business jet

“This achievement represents a significant milestone in the aircraft’s development and testing programme,” the defence ministry adds.

“The Oron aircraft will now advance to the joint test flight phase conducted by the Israeli air force and IAI,” according to the defence ministry.

A heavily adapted Gulfstream G550 business jet, the Oron platform arrived in Israel in April 2001 for modification into the new multi-surveillance configuration by IAI’s Elta Systems unit. At that time, its entry into service schedule was set for 2023.

The new aircraft’s duties will include “aerial imaging, control and radar [tasks], and maritime intelligence-gathering for the navy”, the Israeli air force said prior to start of systems integration work.

Israel already operates five Gulfstream-derivative platforms: three “Eitam” aircraft for airborne early warning duties, and two “Shavit” signals intelligence-gathering assets.