Rafael has used the Paris air show to unveil a new long-range air-to-air missile named Sky Spear.

Describing the weapon as a “6th-generation” design, the Israeli company claims it will provide operators “unparalleled operational capabilities in the complex arena of aerial combat”.

Rafael Sky Spear

Source: Rafael

New ‘6th-generation’ weapon is designed to engage extended-range threats

“The Sky Spear is designed to engage targets at long ranges, ensuring that opponents are overwhelmed before they have a chance to launch,” Rafael says. A new radar seeker and undisclosed additional technologies “allow for early lock-on, and a more accurate end-game”.

Displayed on the company’s stand, the Sky Spear is similar in size to the company’s I-Derby ER beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile.

Sky Spear model

Source: Rafael

Long-range Sky Spear is a radar-guided design

“Rafael is confident that this newest missile will provide the advanced capabilities that will provide users a qualitative edge over their most capable adversaries,” says Brigadier General (Reserve) Pini Yungman, head of the company’s air and missile defence directorate.