Rheinmetall will deliver a dozen new operational Luna NG unmanned air systems to the German military from 2025, under a funding allocation approved by Berlin on 20 September.

Also referred to as Husar, the equipment will replace outdated Rheinmetall-supplied KZO surveillance aircraft in active use.

Luna NG

Source: Rheinmetall

Berlin will field a dozen Luna NG systems operationally from 2025

“The Bundeswehr will receive a total of 13 new Husar systems: 12 series systems and a training system,” Berlin says. “They are scheduled to be delivered to the troops from 2025.”

Germany values the procurement as worth around €290 million ($305 million).

German KZO launch

Source: Bundeswehr

German military will use new equipment to replace its in-service KZO system

Rheinmetall says its Luna NG has an operating endurance of over 12h, and a datalink range of 54nm (100km).