Romania is to integrate the MBDA Marte ER anti-surface warfare missile onto a pair of Airbus Helicopters H215Ms it is procuring.

Work on the project will involve collaboration with the airframer and its local partner IAR Brasov plus other Romanian entities, says MBDA.

IAR SA330-c-Romanian Navy

Source: Romanian navy

Service currently operates a trio of licence-built SA330s

An EU contract notice posted earlier this year disclosed that IAR Brasov, as prime contractor, was acquiring the two H215Ms for the Romanian armed forces.

Part of the Super Puma family that also includes the H225M Caracal, the H215M is the smaller of the two, with a maximum take-off weight of 9t.

The navy currently operates a trio of legacy SA330 Pumas, licence-built by IAR, for maritime missions.

Weighing 315kg (695lb) and using a turbine engine rather than the rocket motor of previous generations, the Marte ER boasts an effective range of over 54nm (100km).