Tunisia’s air force has received its eighth and final T-6C Texan II trainer from Textron Aviation Defense, with the asset now operational with its 13 Sqn at Sfax air base.

“It’s an honour to celebrate the induction of the Beechcraft T-6C into Tunisian air force pilot production,” says Brett Pierson, chief executive of Textron Aviation Defense.

The Tunisian air force took receipt of its first turboprop-powered T-6C in November 2022 via a Foreign Military Sales-programme deal with Washington DC. Its assets are registered Y22081-084 and Y23085-088, Cirium fleets data shows.

First Tunisian T-6C

Source: Textron Aviation Defense

Tunisia’s first T-6C was handed over in November 2022

“Tunisia plays an important role in ensuring not only its own national security but also that of northern Africa and the continent as a whole,” the USA’s ambassador to the country, Joey Hood, said during a ceremony marking the induction of its first four T-6Cs on 17 July.

Cirium data shows that the Tunisian air force operates a frontline fleet of 10 Northrop F-5E fighters.