Boeing has selected Delta Air Lines’ TechOps maintenance, repair and overhaul division to provide commercial aircraft parts, inventory exchange and component repair for the KC-767 if the airframer is awarded the US Air Force’s (USAF) 179-aircraft KC-X tanker requirement.

Under the arrangement, TechOps also is eligible to provide assistance in developing further maintenance capabilities. The deal would add to TechOps’ current work for Boeing and the USAF for the C-40 program, which has been in place since 2001.

“As one of the largest operators and supporters of the Boeing 767 fleet, Delta TechOps is perfectly positioned to support the team with knowledge, engine and component overhaul expertise, on-site flight testing and management of inventory supply,” says Delta senior VP of technical operations Tony Charaf in a statement.

Adds Boeing VP for tanker programs Mark McGraw: “Supporting the most advanced tanker ever created will be critical to the program’s success and Delta TechOps is a perfect choice for that role. They know the 767 fleet very well and bring a valuable expertise as the newest member of our supplier team.”


Last week, Boeing and Northrop Grumman submitted rival bids for the USAF’s KC-X program.

Boeing says its KC-767 is “right-sized” for the primary air-refuelling mission, enabling access to 1,000 more bases than the KC-135 it would replace, but with the flexibility to carry 19 cargo pallets or 190 passengers.

Northrop says its larger Airbus A330-200-based KC-30 “meets or exceeds every key performance parameter far better than any competitor”

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