The Space Shuttle orbiter Discovery returned to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida on 3 November, 10 days after completing the STS 92 International Space Station (ISS) assembly mission.


The mission ended with a landing at Edwards AFB, California, on 24 October, marking the first Edwards Shuttle landing since 1996. The planned landing at the KSC had been waived off for two days due to bad weather and technical problems. The delay has increased pressure on an already busy NASA to turn around the orbiter for its next mission, STS 102, due to be launched on 15 February. This will bring the present ISS crew home and deliver Expedition Crew 2.

The next mission for the Shuttle Endeavour, STS 97, launches to the ISS on 30 November. It will carry the first US-built solar arrays, radiators and an S-band transponder. STS 100 Atlantis, to be launched on 18 January, will carry the ISS laboratory module, Destiny.

Source: Flight International