Bombardier has confirmed it is looking at developing a new ultra-long-range business jet that would compete against the Gulfstream G650.

The manufacturer says with increasing global trade there is demand for a 12,950km (7,000nm) range business jet. In response it has begun consulting with its customers about a jet that would fly further than its current top-of-the-line 11,390km-range Global Express XRS.

"It is something we are considering as part of our commitment to innovation and our ongoing investment in new products," Bombardier says. "We value our customers' opinions and we're constantly testing new product ideas with them and exploring new opportunities. As part of our planning for the long-term success of our product platforms we regularly consult with our customers to design products that suit their needs."

Bombardier Global Express XRS 

The manufacturer says it does not intend to let rival Gulfstream remain uncontested at the very top end of the business jet sector. Gulfstream last year launched the G650, which is scheduled to enter service in 2012 with a range of 12,950km. The G650 is expected to have its maiden flight later this month.

Bombardier recently began recruiting engineers for a project dubbed the M170. Bombardier declined to comment when asked if its new ultra-long-range business jet project is called M170. "We are involved in number of R&D projects," it says.

Source: Flight Daily News