Cessna handed over the keys of the first Middle Eastern Citation X fitted with elliptical winglets to Wallan Aviation (chalet A7/8) here at the Dubai air show.

Saad Wallan, chairman of Wallan Aviation, says the aircraft, with its range extending blended winglets, allows for non-stop travel between Riyadh and London at the Citation X's signature high-speed cruise at Mach 0.92.

The newly introduced winglets add a 15kt (28km/h) boost in cruise speed and 545kg (1,200lb) more payload at hot and high airports, as well as a 280km (150nm) increase in range.

Cessna Winglets
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Along with a reduced time to climb, Cessna says the winglets also reduce fuel consumption by 4-5% for long range missions.

With today's delivery to Wallan, the aircraft will immediately enter service following the show.

Wallan Aviation operates a fleet of Cessna aircraft and is the company's authorised sales representative and authorised Citation Service Center in the Middle East.

The US Federal Aviation Administration certificated the retrofit of the winglet for the Citation X in June and includes the replacement of the existing anti-collision and position light system with LED versions.

As a previous order holder for the super-midsize Columbus business jet that was cancelled by Cessna in July, Wallan says that even with the downturn that sidelined the new aircraft, his company has found a silver lining that has made the substitution of the Citation X ideal.

Wallan says that his company has benefited from the downturn, in that previous operators of large-cabin BBJ and Gulfstream aircraft have opted for a smaller aircraft like the Citation X for their travel needs.

Wallan says that the dust has now settled following the sharp downturn in business jet travel, adding that the Dubai air show represents a barometer for the industry.

"We have a lot of faith in this show to show us the direction," says Wallan.

Source: Flight Daily News