A futuristic-looking heliport design that could transform VIP travel around the Middle East has been unveiled by international design consultancy Design Q.

The blueprints, being unveiled exclusively by Flight Daily News at the Dubai air show, are for a modular heliport, with all facilities fully integrated.

The proposition is for VIP customers' vehicles to drive up to the heliport, and step straight from their car into a personal, air-conditioned luxury lounge, where they can enjoy a quick check-in.

The entire lounge module then raises or lowers, as required, so VIPs can step out on to the appropriate landing port and into their helicopter.

Design Q Heliport concept
 © Design Q

Design Q director Gary Doy says: "The idea behind the heliport is that the whole transport experience becomes seamless and opulent - it almost takes on a space station feel.

"The 'door-to-door' nature of the design means we can virtually remove transfers between vehicles, departure lounges and your helicopter. The effect is air-conditioning throughout the journey and fast travel, in total luxury."

As the heliport is modular, it can be constructed specifically for major events, such as Formula 1 races and conferences, and just as easily for permanent settings such as Madsar City in Abu Dhabi.

"The idea of adding this heliport onto modular hotel accommodation is a fantastic opportunity to really impress any VIPs attending major events in Dubai or Abu Dhabi," says Doy.

The design is the brainchild of Doy and Howard Guy, who were both senior designers at elite car-maker Jaguar before setting up Design Q 12 years ago.

Since then, the pair has worked on dozens of designs, including projects with airline giants Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and Learjet, and luxury motoring brands Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jensen and Maserati.

Design Q's VIP Avro Business Jet interior can be seen at BAE Systems' exhibition, in pavilion 1 in the static park.

Source: Flight Daily News