PowerJet, the joint venture responsible for the Sukhoi Superjet 100's SaM146 engine, confirms that certification has been delayed by "a few months" due to "industrial issues" at the Russian partner NPO Saturn.

The engine, which is jointly produced by Snecma and NPO Saturn, was due to be certificated by the end of this year. However, Sukhoi recently revealed that the powerplant has been subject to a delay that has had an impact on the aircraft's development schedule.

"It is true we have had a few months delay," says PowerJet.

It explains that while the engine is progressing well through certification tests, there has been a hold-up in final approval due to "operational and production problems at NPO Saturn's Rybinsk plant" in Russia.

The issues, which PowerJet says resulted from some financial problems at the Russian partner, were identified recently following the installation of a new management team at NPO Saturn. "There was a financial impact on the industrial plan and the new team has implemented an action plan to address the issues," it adds.

Delivery of the first Superjet to launch customer Aeroflot is due next year.

Source: Flight Daily News