ThalesRaytheonSystems is showing how it can use the local radio stations around Dubai to track airborne aircraft. Its new Homeland Alerter 100 passive radar sensor, which uses reflections from FM radio stations to track targets, is being shown in the Middle-East for the first time.

It offers the discreet detection of low-speed, low-altitude and stealth flying targets within a 100km range and up to a height of 6,100m (20,000ft). The HA100 works by detecting radio frequency (RF) energy that has been scattered from airborne targets and compares them with the direct signal. From this it can estimate the target’s location and speed.

The system can be installed in areas where active radars cannot be deployed, such as near explosives. ThalesRaytheonSystems has already sold the system to several NATO countries.

Throughout the air show there will be a special demonstration of the HA100 close to the Thales display, showing the air surveillance situation over Dubai.

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Source: Flight Daily News