AQABA targeted for development

Jordan's other main airport, Aqaba King Hussein Inter­national in the south of the country, is to be developed under a new masterplan prepared by Singapore's Changi Airports International (CAI).

CAI is to model projected air traffic for Aqaba to 2027 and the organisation will draw up three alternatives for the airport that will enable it to cope with the demand.

This will involve updating runway configuration, taxiways, navigation aids and other facilities. It will also audit the current airport.

"With the demand for aviation facilities and air traffic to Aqaba increasing at a rapid pace, the preparation of a master plan for the airport comes at a very important time," says Aqaba Development Corporation chairman Imad Fakhoury. "It will play a significant role in achieving our goal of turning King Hussein International into a world-class airport - serving not only Aqaba and Jordan, but the entire Middle East region."

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Aqaba's airport is a gateway to tourist attractions such as the ancient city of Petra, which lies 90km (56 miles) north-east, and the Red Sea coast 8km away.

Aqaba Development Corp says the masterplan agreement will also involve a land-use planning exercise to protect the local environment while enabling the airport to attract aviation-related investments within Aqaba's special economic zone.

Source: Flight International