Cessna has yet to launch its Large Cabin Concept jet – but its Saudi-based Middle Eastern distributor is already selling the largest version of the Citation. Wallan Aviation announced five provisional orders at the show, apparently with Cessna’s approval, so an official announcement appears to be a formality.

“We have sold two of those five, and three are on for Wallan as a forecast,” says chairman Saad Wallan, whose Riyadh-based business has been Cessna’s Middle Eastern sales agent since 1999.

Cessna vice president of international sales Trevor Esling stresses they are letters of intent, not orders. “We have, in one or two cases, taken expressions of interest in the product,” he says, “We see the LCC as a natural for our product range.” Though no official launch announcement will be made until early 2008, Wallan says he is certain the 4,000nm-range aircraft will be made.

“I'm sure it will happen because the indication is that it's what the market needs, not the indication from Cessna itself,” he says.
Both Esling and Wallan believe customer loyalty and the product itself will carve out a market share. Says Wallan, “When Cessna does something, they do it right.” Wind tunnel testing is currently underway on the LCC design. It will be capable of speeds up to Mach 0.8.

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Source: Flight Daily News