With the UAE having put the Eurofighter Typhoon in an unexpected dogfight with Dassault's Rafale, BAE Systems test pilot Nat Makepeace is demonstrating the fighter's handling performance in a "clean" configuration.

Performed using an aircraft from the UK Royal Air Force's 3 Sqn, Makepeace's 8min display sequence is intended to highlight the Typhoon's handling agility through manoeuvres including a vertical climb made immediately after take-off.

This is a marked departure from the Eurofighter consortium's show strategy of the last several years, which has seen it display aircraft carrying heavy weapons loads to showcase the type's multi-role capabilities.

The RAF aircraft taking to the air in Dubai this week arrived in the region recently to participate in a major exercise with the UAE and other allied air forces staged from Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi.

Source: Flight Daily News