Producing limited editions of VIP aircraft with branded interiors is the brainchild of aerospace business consultant Rashid Khan and Holger Heims, managing director of Basel, Switzerland-based investment firm Falcon Equity Advisors.

To this end, the two partners have founded a new company in Zurich, named Reach in Style, which is to bring together "top luxury brands" from around the world with the business aircraft industry.

A primary task will be to choose a "global business jet manufacturer", which can be "coupled with one of the world's foremost iconic brands for the VVIP interior" to produce an aircraft that will give its select passengers the desired "brand lifestyle experience".

The company wants to focus particularly on customers in the Middle East, the CIS region and Asia. It said that the level of interest was "extremely high" and booking enquiries had already been taken by clients in the CIS and Asia.

Rashid added that "many" corporate aircraft manufacturers and luxury brands supported the idea and encouraged him to initiate the joint venture.

Source: Flight Daily News