Embraer remains confident that the E-190 will secure steep approach certification next year, but is staying mum about a slight slip in the timeline for flight trials at London City airport.

The Brazilian manufacturer had scheduled a range of E-190 flight trials at the airport for 1 November. These tests were to include take-offs, landings and manoeuvring.

"E-190 steep approach certification will happen around 2009," says Embraer market intelligence vice-president Luiz Sergio Chiessi.

London City airport confirms that the trials have not yet taken place, saying that "paperwork with the UK authorities needs to be completed". The airport adds that tests are expected to begin early next year.

Aircraft operating into the airport must perform a 5.5° approach, and manufacturers must demonstrate capability for an approach of up to 7.5°. The E-190's sister aircraft, the E-170, secured London City airport steep approach certification in summer 2007.

Source: Flight International