The UK's is to target the satellite reinsurance sector with Satellite Facultative Reinsurance, to be launched this month. Initially it will offer Launch Vehicle Flight Only and In Orbit product options. TRW Aeronautical Systems' as yet un-named e-marketplace has gone live. The UK company, formerly Lucas Aerospace, says Thomson-CSF Sextant has expressed an interest in joining the portal, as have suppliers such as Muirhead Aerospace and Gardner Aerospace. BFGoodrich Aerospace Aerostructures Group has chosen e-business solutions provider SDRC's Metaphase and Accelis lines to improve the sharing of information and product knowledge across its various sites. The contract is valued at $7 million. Beta trials for Aerospace Hardware Exchange's (AHX) B2B on-line marketplace will begin as planned next month. More than 20 firms have committed to using AHX, which will focus on the aerospace fasteners marketplace. Jouve Data Management and Commerce-Quest, both of the US, have established a project to deliver secure technical and inventory data to airlines and suppliers via the internet.

Source: Flight International