EADS has revealed plans to integrate its Military Transport Aircraft Division (MTAD) into Airbus.

Part of the previously announced 'Future EADS' programme, the restructuring is intended to simplify management of the A400M military transport programme, which has been delayed by problems with the full-authority digital engine control software for its Europrop International TP400-D6 turboprops.

"MTAD will become the military pole of Airbus under the name of Airbus Military," says an EADS statement. The division will operate the A400M final assembly line, while retaining its "core capabilities" to design and certify aircraft and integrate mission systems on military aircraft.

It will also be in charge of all Airbus military derivatives, including tankers, and it will retain control of the EADS Casa CN-235 and C-295 light tactical-transport aircraft programmes.

MTAD head Carlos Suarez becomes head of Airbus Military, reporting to Airbus chief executive Tom Enders.

"This adjustment of the divisional structure will reinforce the importance and contribution of the Spanish aerospace industrial capabilities within major EADS European military programmes," says EADS.

Additionally, the activities of space division EADS Astrium and the Defence & Security division are to be co-ordinated, although they will remain separate. EADS Astrium chief executive François Auque will co-ordinate defence, security and space activities by delegation of the chief executive. Defence & Security head Stefan Zoller will report to Auque.

Source: Flight International