Italian investigators are looking into an incident involving an EasyJet Airbus A319 which mistakenly landed on a Pisa runway which had not been in operation.

Pisa has closely-spaced parallel runways, 04L and 04R, separated by around 200m (660ft).

Italian investigation authority ANSV says the jet (G-EZBY) touched down “improperly” on runway 04R instead of 04L following a service on 30 December.

NOTAMs for Pisa airport which came into effect on 23 December state that runway 04R/22L is available as a taxiway only, with 04L/22R designated as the runway in use.

Meteorological data for the airport at the time of the approach shows weather conditions and visibility were good. The type of approach conducted has not been disclosed.

ANSV says it has started gathering the necessary evidence in order to understand the incident and classify it correctly.

Source: Cirium Dashboard