Dassault unveiled the Falcon 900LX at the EBACE business aviation convention in Geneva this week, the latest version of its large-cabin business jet, featuring all-composite winglets designed by Aviation Partners that will boost range by 550km (300nm). The $41 million 900LX will replace the 900EX when it enters service in 2010.

Dassault says stronger wing reinforcements and some systems changes are needed to accommodate the extra weight of the winglets, which were originally designed for the smaller Falcon 2000LX - due to enter service later this year.

Initial flight tests indicate the jet's improved wing aerodynamics reduce drag by as much as 7%, says Dassault, boosting its range and efficiency. Climb performance is up 10%, which means the aircraft will reach FL390 in 20min.

The 900LX can now fly from New York to Moscow, Paris to Beijing and Mumbai to London. Dassault says the winglets may not be available as a retrofit for the 900 series.

Meanwhile, Dassault snapped up an order at the show from NetJets Europe for 20 2000EXs. The fractional ownership and charter operator has also converted its remaining 10 2000EXs on order to the LX configuration.

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Source: Flight International