Advanced Air Support is preparing to welcome widebody jets to its Paris Le Bourget FBO with a new dedicated hangar due to open later this year. The move is part of a raft of infrastructure improvements which should also see the total ramp and parking area expand from 301,000ft² (28,000m²) to 388,000ft².

Other offerings include two air start units, a container dolly, a goods lift, de-icing equipment and a medical lift for wheelchair access - the latter two features unique at Le Bourget.

The facility has also revamped its five VIP lounges with a theme of "Parisian luxury", giving them names such as Montaigne, Vendôme, Etoile, Eiffel and Lindbergh - the latter a tribute to the US aviator, who used Avanced Air Support's historic hangar after completing his transatlantic solo trip in 1927.

Advanced Air Support claims to be the only FBO to offer full sleeping facilities, with three ensuite bedrooms.

Source: Flight Daily News