Barcelona-based charter operator Corporate Jets XXI is targeting the Middle East after turbulence hit a key part of its domestic market, executives from the once-booming Spanish building sector.

The company said at the show that it has relocated its Dassault Falcon 900C to Saudi Arabia in an arrangement with a business owner in Riyadh. Although the trijet's air operator's certificate remains in Spain, Corporate Jets XXI will offer the aircraft for charter as its main user will fly it only 40% of the time.

Commercial manager Jacint Puigmarti has high hopes for the Middle Eastern market and has appointed a sales agent in the kingdom. "It might develop into a much bigger business for us," he said. "We opted for Saudi Arabia rather than Dubai because there are fewer competitors there, but a growing charter market."

Corporate Jets XXI, set up in 2006, also operates two Cessna Citation XLSs.

Source: Flight Daily News