Europe's regulators are continuing to produce "fundamentally flawed" legislation that is "failing to consider" the business aviation sector, according to Fabio Gamba, chief executive of the European Business Aviation Association.

Speaking at the official opening of EBACE, Gamba said despite business aircraft representing 7.2% of all aircraft movements last year, their needs are not being addressed by lawmakers.

"We simply cannot be dismissed. An initiative taken without consideration of business aviation is fundamentally flawed as it is not representative of the entire air transport system."

His comments were echoed by Ed Bolen, president and chief executive of the NBAA, who hit out at the "major, major issue" its members have with the European Union's Emissions Trading System, which has been "unfairly" applied to the business aviation sector.

To aid greater understanding among legislators of the sector's importance, EBAA has commissioned UK consultancy Oxford Economics to produce a study "of the sector's economic worth", said Gamba.

Source: Flight Daily News