The Flight Safety Foundation's debut as an EBACE exhibitor (Stand 2068 - Hall 5) is designed to bring added awareness of safety issues that affect the business aviation community. Statistics prove that some of them, like the FSF's Runway Safety Initiative, affect business aircraft operators more than other air transport sectors.

Chairman and chief executive Bill Voss says: "Our presence at EBACE 2012 reflects our decades of continuing service to business aviation. Issues such as the protection of safety data, and discouraging the criminalisation of human error by pilots and controllers are vital to protecting this industry, as seen in recent high-profile incidents here in Europe and elsewhere."

He adds: "The FSF is dedicated to sharing best practices on go-arounds, runway safety and duty/rest guidelines."

Business aircraft have a far higher rate of runway overruns than the airlines do, and not only because they frequently land on limiting runways. Studies show a reluctance among business aviation pilots to make a go-around decision, yet the FSF also has data that shows the danger of badly executed go-arounds. FSF membership directors Susan Lausch and Kelcey Mitchell are on the stand to provide operators with guidance on safety and other issues.

Source: Flight Daily News