GlobeAir is proving that the much-maligned air taxi concept can work. The Austrian charter firm has become the world's largest Cessna Citation Mustang operator with 11 of the very light jets, up from just six a year ago.

Founded in 2007, Linz-based GlobeAir is one of a tiny handful of survivors from that era's wave of start-ups throughout Europe, with business models based on lower fares and high utilisation of very light jets such as the Mustang, Adam Aircraft A700, Eclipse 500 and Embraer Phenom 100.

Speaking at EBACE today, chief executive and founder Bernhard Fragner said the new Mustangs will allow the company to "extend its reach across Europe", and by better management of positioning flights "reducing costs and therefore prices".

Sticking to a single type delivered synergies in terms of training, maintenance and ground support, he said. "Furthermore, the Mustang has proved to be a reliable aircraft, bringing increased satisfaction to our clients."

GlobeAir claims a 25-28% market share in Europe of all commercial operators of light and very light jets.

Source: Flight Daily News