Jet charter operators could soon be benefiting from a new pricing tool developed by technology start-up Stratajet.

It claims its Stratafleet pricing tool, due to go live in August, takes into account "every single variable that affects price", allowing an operator to provide "real-time, immediate and penny-perfect quotations".

This will cut wasted time and effort, it says, and more importantly, will improve an operator's bottom line through more accurate pricing and the ability to remove "dead legs". It claims that 40% of all business jet flights in Europe last year were empty,

In addition, charter users will benefit from more transparent pricing, says founder and chief executive Jonny Nicol.

He adds: "We are all aware of the inefficiencies within the private aviation sector. We are here to bring the entire industry into the 21st century.

"How do we do that? We have to stop trying to act as a middle man."

Stratajet's longer-term aim is to act as a "super broker" for operators using its service, says Nicol. A decision on whether to launch this service will be made within three months.

If Stratafleet is successful, Nicol says he will use venture capital funding to take the company global.

Operators pay a daily fee to use Stratafleet and are expected to provide information on flight schedules. If the pricing proves inaccurate, says Nicol, the company will refund the difference.

Source: Flight Daily News