Six into four does go - at least as far as DAHER-SOCATA's new rapid-change TBM 850 Elite, on show at EBACE, is concerned.

The French manufacturer is now offering all its TBM850s in the configuration, which allows two of the six seats to be removed in as little as 30min, and has already delivered seven.

According to Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice-president, the version has received a "fabulous reception", mainly because the four-seat cabin allows pilots to "reconnect with the feel of the Cessna 206 they started flying on and now miss, but keeping the speed of the TBM".

The new version involved changing the position of air vents and oxgygen mask holders, and reinforcing rails. It is the first time the Elite has been shown to the business aviation community, after debuting at the US Sun 'n' Fun and German AERO Friedrichshafen private pilot events earlier this year.

Source: Flight Daily News