Tyrolean Jet Services (TJS) has announced its biggest expansion since it was founded 35 years ago, adding two Airbus ACJ319s and a Gulfstream G550 to its managed charter fleet.

The Austrian company - owned by the family behind upmarket crystal brand Swarovski - manages 15 light, midsize and large-cabin jets, including 10 which are available on charter.

Two years ago, Innsbruck-based TJS moved into the airliner-class sector acquiring a nearly new ACJ318ER - OE-LUX - which it is displaying with Airbus in the static exhibit.

 Turolean-Jet-Services ACJ319s

Tyrolean Jet Services Airbus A318  


Chief executive Martin Lener says the A318 has helped TJS ride out an "over-supplied" charter market during the past few years, because demand for larger jets has remained strong. "We have succeeded with this aircraft," he says. "Last year we did around 400 flight hours."

The 19-passenger ACJ318 features lounge areas, a private room that doubles as an office, and a large bathroom.

Although all of TJS's charter fleet flies under an Austrian air operator's certificate, its privately owned aircraft carry a number of offshore and other registrations.

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Source: Flight Daily News