There are several things to spend $3.4 million on at Harrods. That now includes an Eclipse 550 very light jet.

UK Eclipse distributor Aeris Aviation is extending to the end of September a promotion with the upscale London department store to offer a Harrods-branded limited edition of the Eclipse 550.

Extras include a customised paint scheme and $50,000 on a pre-loaded store card to purchasers.

Aeris, in which Iron Maiden frontman, commercial pilot and aviation entrepreneur Bruce Dickinson is a shareholder, launched the partnership with Harrods in early August and, although Aeris has not taken any orders yet, the distributor says the shop’s wealthy clientele are a perfect fit for the jet brand.

The company has set up a so-called pop-up booth to display a model of the jet in Harrods and talk to potential customers.

One Aviation, the new company behind both Eclipse and the in-development Kestrel 350 turboprop, is aiming for EASA certification of the Eclipse 550 by the end of the year. The then-Eclipse Aerospace received US Federal Aviation Administration certification in late 2014.

Source: Flight International