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    OPINION: McCain takes aim at F-35


    ​A single organisation based in a monochrome office complex across a motorway from the Pentagon manages a global supply chain with a projected 35-year value of roughly $450 billion; more than the GDP of Austria. Its name is the bureaucratic-sounding Joint Program Office (JPO), and it manages, of course, the ...

  • Perlan II - Airbus

    OPINION: How Perlan mission evokes spirit of adventure


    ​Riding a mountain wave is a lifelong dream for many glider pilots. Once detected, these invisible, oscillating wind currents streaming down from the tops of mountain ranges can loft unpowered aircraft high into the stratosphere. Later this year, the partly Airbus-sponsored Perlan project plans to reach 90,000ft with a two-member ...

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    OPINION: Why business jet makers are turning to the military


    ​Spare a thought for the small handful of large-cabin business jet manufacturers, because times have been pretty tough of late, with sales taking a tumble.

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    OPINION: Back to square one for North Sea helicopter safety?


    ​Just when the offshore transportation industry ­appeared to have emerged from its most recent ­safety crisis, it is immediately plunged into the next.

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    OPINION: Can Scorpion jet fight its way to sales success?


    ​When commercial aircraft product launches are stage-managed with a careful unveiling of ­billions of dollars worth of orders from a few hand-picked customers, the sight of a new military aircraft propelled into development with no announced buyers can come across as a rarity bordering on reckless.

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    OPINION: Bombardier's new sales Delta for CSeries


    ​Trawl back through Bombardier’s press release ­archive searching for CSeries stories and two things will quickly become apparent.

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    OPINION: Why Japan's X-2 fighter is more than a symbol of pride


    ​The first flight of the Mitsubishi X-2 will go down as a milestone in North Asia’s journey to develop ­advanced combat aircraft.

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    OPINION: Accident reports must acknowledge pilot pressures


    ​French investigation authority BEA’s final analysis of the Germanwings Airbus A320 crash last year contains 20 mentions of the word “suicide” ­including, ­notably, in the primary conclusion over probable cause.

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    OPINION: The unknown impact of UAV collisions


    ​If a recent report is to be believed, the 137 crew and passengers of British Airways flight 727 on 17 April were among the unluckiest people on the planet. It appears their Airbus A320 collided with a small drone on approach to London Heathrow airport from Geneva. The exact circumstances ...

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    OPINION: Will fighter aircraft become obsolete?


    ​Are fighter jets still of any use in modern air warfare? A quick glance at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s annual tabulation of weapons exports would certainly suggest so. From Asia to the Middle East, demand for machines designed mainly for air superiority continues to be strong.

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    OPINION: How 747 gamble paid off for Boeing


    ​Boeing celebrates its centenary in 2016, and the 747 has been a big part of its life for half of the company’s existence. The risks that Boeing took with the original decision to build the 747, and the investment it committed to the production programme, set the benchmark by which ...

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    OPINION: Virgin America and the flaws in foreign-ownership laws


    A sad irony lost in the commotion over Virgin America's announced sale to Alaska Air Group is the critical and unfortunate role played by government restrictions on foreign ownership of airlines.

  • Italian Typhoon Nellis - Craig Hoyle Flightglobal

    OPINION: Should Italian Typhoons be targeting more than exports?


    ​With the four-nation Eurofighter consortium in a number of dogfights which it hopes will result in fresh export deals to extend production of the type into the next decade, the ability to demonstrate its new “swing-role” performance can surely only serve to strengthen its competitive hand.

  • 737 Max line - Boeing

    OPINION: What's driving Boeing job cuts?


    ​Having never before experienced a “super-cycle” in the commercial aviation business, it’s not always clear what one should look like while we are inside it, particularly after a perplexing announcement, such as a mass staff reduction by Boeing’s commercial unit amidst an historic production ramp-up.

  • Kelly Johnson U-2 - Lockheed Martin

    OPINION: High-altitude stakes soar for U-2 successor


    S​ince the Space Shuttle’s final mission in 2011, Americans have had to explain to their children that the only way to space now is via a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, blasting off from Kazakhstan. This storyline is only being corrected with the development of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX Dragon ...

  • Brussels airport security - Dirk Waem/Belga via ZU

    OPINION: Airport security even harder in a heads-down world


    Identifying a suspect before they commit an atrocity is worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack because a needle, at least, looks different. The situation might be more accurately compared with trying to find a particular needle in a needlestack.

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    OPINION: The battle to break into the airliner establishment


    This year will bring some fascinating developments for the “tin lovers” as two all-new mainline jets, one backed by the might of China and the other by Russia, enter the fray.

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    OPINION: Goodbye Finmeccanica, hello Leonardo


    ​Arrivederci Finmeccanica. Buongiorno Leonardo. Not long after the Italian group announced it was consolidating its businesses around a single corporate identity, it has revealed that new identity – a surprising choice, inspired by the country’s greatest genius.

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    OPINION: Aviation must address a Catch-22 for mentally ill pilots


    In the novel that coined the term, Catch-22 described a paradox in which a doctor could not stop a mentally-unstable combat pilot from flying because a grounding request by the pilot would prove that his mind was entirely sound.

  • B-21 c USAF 640

    OPINION: For B-21 bomber project, now comes the hard part


    ​After painful experience with the B-2 and F-35, the US Air Force faces a battle to sell the American public another multi-billion dollar aircraft programme