Elbit Systems has secured an $18 million order to supply its Ehud air combat manoeuvring instrumentation system to an unspecified Asian air force.

"The contract is a follow-on order that calls for the supply of two additional complete systems (static and mobile) to be used for real-time, autonomous air-to-air and air-to-ground combat training and debriefing," the Israeli company says.

While Elbit has not revealed its customer, in 2004 BVR Systems (since acquired by Elbit) received a $1.5 million contract to integrate the Ehud system with South Korea's Boeing F-15K fighters. This followed a 1999 agreement in which Seoul had signed a $43 million deal with BVR for Ehud systems.

Following North Korea's increased belligerence, South Korea's air force has reportedly stepped up training flights to boost combat readiness.

According to Elbit, Ehud is packaged in an air-to-air training missile shell that can be transferred between aircraft. It allows for realistic airborne combat training, plus real-time monitoring, mission debriefing and rehearsal.

Source: Flight International