Russian carrier Transaero has named a new chief, Valery Zaitsev, who will take charge of the troubled airline following its 26 October grounding.

Transaero’s future remains unclear. Aeroflot has been overseeing the airline’s operational management since September, but has opted against becoming a shareholder.

One of Aeroflot’s senior executives, Dmitry Saprykin, took charge of Transaero as part of this management programme.

But during a board meeting on 27 October the board voted to release Saprykin of his duties as acting chief, says Transaero.

It states that Valery Zaitsev has been appointed to the board and, subsequently, to the position of general director.

Russian federal aviation regulator Rosaviatsia lists Zaitsev as a member of its public council, and that he serves as a Transaero flight operations executive and instructor on Boeing 747s and 737s.

Transaero indicates that an alternative candidate, Alexandr Burdin, had been considered for the top post but not accepted.

It says Burdin has, however, been appointed to the management board of Transaero.

Source: Cirium Dashboard