Embraer announced at Le Bourget yesterday orders potentially worth more than $1 billion for up to 60 Embraer ERJ 140 aircraft for American Airlines' subsidiaries Trans States Airlines (TSA) and Chautauqua Airlines. The first aircraft are due for delivery in mid-2002.

Chautauqua Airlines' contract is a confirmation of 28 options the airline has on the ERJ 140/145, 15 of which will be flown for AA. It has also added 25 new options, bringing the total number of Brazilian jets ordered by the airline to 73 firm and 42 options.


Trans States Airlines has placed a new order for 10 ERJ 140 aircraft and an additional 25 options, bringing the total ordered by this airline to 22 firm and 25 options.

All the aircraft will be powered by Rolls-Royce AE 3007s in a deal worth up to $240 million to the British engine company.Rolls-Royce's Mike Terrett, managing director, airlines said: "The AE 3007 is now one of our fastest-growing engine programmes. Firm orders and options now total 1,600 and it's the sole engine on Embraer's 37/50 seat regional jets comprising the ERJ 135, 140 and 145."

Source: Flight Daily News