Embraer subsidiary ELEB Equipment has received a contract to design and manufacture the landing gear for its parent company's KC-390 military airlifter.

"The company was selected to develop and produce the entire KC-390 landing gear system, and will be responsible for designing a robust and reliable system that will ensure operations with the heavy payloads of large-capacity logistical missions, and with the demanding conditions of semi-prepared airfields," says Embraer.

The landing gear design selected for the KC-390 will use a double chamber shock absorber system, according to Embraer, which expects to conduct the first flight with its new aircraft in 2014. Intended to rival Lockheed Martin's C-130J Hercules, the twinjet will have a maximum payload capacity of just under 21,000kg (46,300lb).

ELEB's selection was made following "a detailed evaluation that took all of the technical and commercial aspects of the project into account, as well as the company's experience, the technology used, and the management of development risks," says Embraer Defense and Security president Luiz Carlos Aguiar.

The company has previously supplied landing gear systems for Embraer products including the AMX strike aircraft, EMB-314 Super Tucano trainer and light-attack aircraft, and for its range of commercial airliners and executive and light jets.

Source: Flight International