Emirates has published a cabin configuration diagram for its initial Airbus A380s, which reveals that it will feature an all-economy main deck and all-premium seating on the upper deck.

Initial A380s will be delivered to the airline in a 489-seat, three-class layout. Until now, Emirates has only revealed the planned seating densities (later aircraft will have three-class, 517-seat or two-class, 604-seat layouts), but not the specific cabin layouts.

However, full details of the 489-seat configuration have been published in the airline's latest timetable.

It shows that the upper deck will be used exclusively for premium passengers, with 14 first-class and 76 business-class seats - the latter split between two cabins. The forward zones either side of the stairwell on the upper deck will be used for washrooms.

The main deck will be entirely economy class, with 399 seats in four cabins.



Delivery of the first of Emirates' 58 Engine Alliance GP7200-powered A380s is expected in July, with the type due to enter service on the airline's Dubai-New York service on 1 October.

Emirates A380 roll out


Compare the Emirates A380 cabin configuration with diagram below showing Singapore Airlines' A380  
 SIA A380 cabin config

Airbus A380 aircraft profile


Source: Flight International