Electric propulsion developer Magnix has named longtime avionics and finance executive Reed Macdonald as its next chief executive, filling a role held until recently by former Rolls-Royce executive Nuno Taborda.

Macdonald comes to Magnix from his position as CEO of FDS Avionics, which manufactures in-flight entertainment systems for business aircraft.

Everett, Washington-based Magnix, which is developing electric propulsion systems for a variety of small aircraft, says Macdonald has “25 years’ experience in aerospace, finance, defence and manufacturing”.

Alice debut flight

Source: Eviation

Magnix supplies the electric propulsion system for Eviation’s in-development all-electric aircraft Alice

“Macdonald also brings deep financial and commercial experience to the CEO role at Magnix, having led investments in companies across diverse sectors,” Magnix adds.

His experience includes more than 10 years working at private equity firm The White Oak Group.

Magnix’s CEO role has turned over several times in recent years, with Taborda holding the job between June 2022 and March 2024, according to his LinkedIn page. Previously, Roei Ganzarski had led Magnix.

“It is an exciting time for Magnix as its groundbreaking technology takes giant leaps toward making zero-emissions flight a commercial reality,” says Macdonald. “I look forward to working with the Magnix team to bring our industry-leading electric powertrains to the marketplace and to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation.”