Electric propulsion company Magnix has unveiled two new, more-powerful electric propulsion units (EPUs) for commercial aircraft, replacing earlier systems, including one that powered several all-electric demonstration flights.

The new variants include the Magni350, which throws off maximum take-off power of 469hp (350kW), and the stepped-up, 850hp Magni650, Everett, Washington-based Magnix says on 17 June.

“Based on thousands of ground test and flight hours, these EPUs have been optimised for real-world commercial aviation applications, to further accelerate the path to certification for electric aircraft,” the company adds.

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Source: Magnix

Maiden flight on 28 May 2020 on of a Cessna Grand Caravan powered by an all-electric Magnix Magni500 propulsion system. The aircraft flew from Moses Lake, Washington.

The Magni350 and Magni650 share a “common-core architecture” and are paired with an inverter and motor-controller system that Magnix calls its MagniDrive-100. The liquid-cooled EPUs can rotate up to 2,300rpm and operate at a maximum altitude of 35,000ft, the company says.

It confirms the systems replace two previous propulsion systems: Magnix’s 375hp Magni250 and its 750hp Magni500.

The Magni250 had been chosen by all-electric aircraft maker Eviation to power its in-development commuter aircraft Alice. Eviation and Magnix decline to say how the product shift will affect the Alice project.

The Magni500 has been the centrepiece of several recent conversions of gas-powered aircraft into all-electric demonstrators.

Working with flight-test company AeroTEC, Magnix equipped a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan with a Magni500. The companies flew the aircraft in May 2020. Canadian commuter airline Harbour Air first flew a Magni500-powered De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver in December 2019.

“Using key learnings from these ongoing flights and robust ground testing, Magnix has introduced a series of enhanced features to enable an even-more simplified, reliable and convenient adoption of all-electric power,” Magnix says.