Pratt & Whitney says that it is on track to introduce improvements to the PW1100G engines that power Airbus A320neo aircraft in India by the end of the year.

A P&W spokesperson tells FlightGlobal that the "early distress" on the PW1100G engine combustor panels were primarily located in India, due to the country's "challenging operating environment" and that modifications were implemented in mid-2016.

The engine manufacturer adds its on-wing improvement package for the #3 carbon seal has improved time on wing, but it is still "experiencing some removals as anticipated, due to pre-existing wear prior to the retrofit".

"New production engines with a more comprehensive improvement package have reported zero issues."

P&W adds that in India it has also increased spare engine deliveries to the A320neo operators, as well as overhauled engine returns with the improved design, which it believes "should help to stabilise the fleet".

P&W's statements follow recent Indian media reports quoting the Directorate General Civil Aviation as saying that the engine manufacturer will ramp up its spare engine deliveries to A320neo operators by end-September. However, P&W did not confirm this.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that are 24 PW1100G-powered A320neos operating in India, with four in storage. IndiGo and GoAir are the operators of A320neos with this engine.

Meanwhile, IndiGo has said that that there have been days where it had to park up to nine A320neos due to the lack of spare engines. IndiGo also has not had any unplanned flight cancellations arising from on-going issues with PW1100G engines.

"We understand that some early fielding issues have disrupted our customers’ operations, and we are working hand-in-hand with them on a daily basis to address the needs of their in-service fleet," says P&W. "In the process of pushing beyond the boundaries and limits of previous technologies, we expect to learn new things as this new engine enters service."

Source: Cirium Dashboard