Rolls-Royce's enhanced version of the Trent 900 for the Airbus A380 has passed a type test with the European Aviation Safety Agency, bringing the powerplant closer to certification.

The Trent 900EP2 will deliver up to 0.8% fuel-burn improvement and is set to become the standard build version of the engine for the double-deck type in 2014.

It will feature optimised fan-blade tip clearance and better turbine case cooling, as well as improved seals for the low-pressure turbine and an optimised intermediate-pressure compressor.

Rolls-Royce also says the airflow system in the powerplant has been enhanced.

Eleven of the 20 A380 customers have selected the Trent 900. Seven have chosen the rival Engine Alliance GP7200 while two customers have yet to make a selection.

Source: Cirium Dashboard