Eurocopter is eyeing next year's planned rebrand - which will see it become Airbus Helicopters - as an opportunity to move the business forward.

Dominique Maudet, executive vice-president of global business and services at the Marignane-headquartered manufacturer, says although some customers have expressed sadness about the loss of 20 years of history, it is good move for the airframer.

He is positive that the new name brings with it the reputation for "quality and innovation" associated with Airbus.

"We are happy to bolt on this image and have the Airbus name on our front gate," he says.

Aside from this, he says, surveys conducted by Eurocopter revealed that potential clients felt its name was too closely associated with one part of the world and, as such, was "a bit restrictive".

"All in all we are happy to be under the Airbus brand. For the new management team it is an opportunity to move the company towards new challenges," he says.

Internal discussions are still ongoing to iron out the day-to-day effects of the change, for instance the designation of any hew helicopters produced by the rebranded operation. Details should be finalised by year-end, says Maudet.

The name change is part of a wider restructuring effort at parent EADS that will take effect in early 2014.

Source: Flight International