The RAF will soon start flying operational air defence missions with its Typhoon fighters, and is also eyeing a potential test of the type's multi-role capabilities in Afghanistan. As experience and confidence grows, the service is reviewing its operational tactics for the Typhoon, which one official says is its best-ever strike aircraft. We also experience the Typhoon's capabilities by flying a training sortie and update the status of the four-nation industry programme tasked with delivering the Eurofighter

 Typhoon 3




Blue sky thinking

Four years after its first Eurofighter Typhoons entered limited service, the UK Royal Air Force is aiming to silence the type's detractors, with the strike aircraft soon to begin air policing duties.

 Typhoon 2
 Craig in cockpit


Storm force Training

Flight International defence editor Craig Hoyle is one of the first UK journalists to fly the Eurofighter Typhoon



Building Momentum

The Change Proposal 210 upgrade comes at a vital time for the Eurofighter programme

Eurofighter logo

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 Typhoon 5

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Source: Flight International